what have you done on 8/8/8 ?

I spent the morning reading and been hanging out at Nadya's good by party: Lucky girls attend MIT in roaring 1920 style.

Much of my time the last days went into and related endeavors: On the WWW front I set up a public git repository (using gitosis, gitweb and git-daemon) running on , updated the dokuwiki at and for good measure threw in an ABC-MIDI tutorial on the upcoming wiki.

During the thunderstorm and a short power-outage in Amsterdam Oost (offline!) i gave the 2.6.26 realtime kernel a go and continuted to discuss why it does not work.. ;) - Oh and I've coded a first native OSX-quartz display for xjadeo on my girl-friends Macintosh and can't wait until she comes home so I can take a screenshot - I never though I'd hear me saying that - Thus no screen shot, it'll take me at least two weeks to complete it anyway.

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