The magic mirror v2.0.0 - I just made that SVN tag and started wondering about the name - will be presented this Friday (July 11 2008) at Montevideo - the Netherlands Institute for Media Art ( in Amsterdam - the opening is at 17.00.

Frontera is a fancy combination of video-recording, hand-detection and video-projection: It allows the user to interact with a person projected on a touch-screen, where the projection follows the hand of the player. It takes about three minutes to record an avatar of oneself (wiping the screen) and there are two installations at Montevideo allowing to play and record.

We've had lots of fun and finally got to do a few good recordings of ourselves - come and play at the opening or later.

The last days have been busy, there are last minute changes on the frames and we still need to do a final calibration of justpoint. - I spent most of today tweaking the GUI to avoid reflections (of the monitor while recording) but we've managed to cover miles in the last days and even made a small webinterface to browse the recordingsā€¦ - the software devel went quite smooth, we've made a few extras that we don't need and if I get the time i'll optimize the query for movement detection. - worst task: recalibration after zooming or panning the recording camera.

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